Part 6: Reunion with Driss

The following years we then spent vacations in the south of France, Greece, Italy or often with friends in Andalusia, Spain.

In April 2015, we were drawn back to Morocco. This time we flew from Belgium, Charleroi to Agadir and also spent the first day there.

The beach of Agadir
First relax

The following day, we took the rental car on the road to Essaouira. The drive there takes about 3 hours and there is much to discover along the way.

Tilling field with a camel
Above the clouds
Goats are very fond of eating argan nuts, for this they also climb the trees sometimes

When we arrived in Essaouira we immediately went to Driss.

Through the alleys of Essaouira
The joy of reunion on both sides was very great
and on friday there was also an invitation for a couscous meal

During this visit, Driss told us that he would like to take us to visit his family in Meski, Errachidia one day. He told us that he actually lives in an oasis in the desert and was also born there. We said that we were interested in seeing this place and to our surprise Driss said to Bernhard: “When we go to Meski please pack your swimming trunks”.

We then spent a few more days in Essaouira before heading back to Agadir.

Bernhard loves the delicious cupcakes that you can buy everywhere in Morocco
Biggi prefers to afford small bags and ponchos

After 4 days we went back to Agadir, where we wanted to spend two more days.

Delicious fish with view in Agadir on the beach
Actually last evening in Agadir

On the last evening we went out again to celebrate the farewell. Afterwards, when we arrived at the hotel around 11 p.m., we received an email from the airline that our flight was cancelled the next day due to an air traffic controllers’ strike.

So we went to the airport the next morning and tried to get a new return flight. After a long wait and negotiation, we were then able to book a very expensive return flight one day later with another airline, but not to Belgium, where our car was, but to Frankfurt. So we had to be picked up by our son in Frankfurt and pick up our car in Belgium the next day. On Monday, we were able to recover from all the vacation stress at work.

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