Part 11: First things come differently and 2. than you think

The plan was that from the fall of 2020 we will spend the winter in the guesthouse for a few months each year and from here we will always make new trips through Morocco.

Driss wanted to pay us back our borrowed money with his income, by renting out the rooms.

But then Corona got in the way. For 3 years we could no longer travel to Morocco and Driss could neither rent rooms nor earn some money in his store in Essaouira. Of course, we supported his family a little bit during this time, so that they could at least buy something to eat.

When we were finally allowed to re-enter the country in October 2022, it quickly became clear that, unfortunately, only a few tourists were traveling towards Meski again.

To make matters worse, by now the wonderful spring at the oasis had dried up, resulting in even less tourism.

The swimming pool was a point of attraction for many tourists

So it was clear that we will not get any money back, but from now on we will simply be partners of Driss and our rooms will not only serve as a starting point for our trips, but we will actively participate in the operation of the guesthouse.

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