Individual trips for German small groups

Morocco is a wonderful country, because here you can discover both the many dazzling colors and fragrant scents, as well as the warmth and hospitality of the people who live here. In addition, there are numerous different areas with their remarkable mountain or desert landscapes or the breathtaking beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The lively and colorful souks (markets) with their oriental charm also attract us magically.

In Birgits Bed & Bistro you have the possibility to get to know the traditional Morocco as well as the carefree way of life of the Berbers directly on the spot.

Groups of up to 4 people interested in Morocco will find enough space in our cozy rooms.

In the surrounding area we offer day trips to the old Kasbah, the blue spring of Meski, the dam in Errachidia or a joint visit to the souk (Moroccan market) at a reasonable price.

Other excursions, for example to the sand desert in Merzouga, the royal cities or to the sea, can also be arranged by prior arrangement.

On site we offer different courses according to your needs like baking the traditional Khobz (flat bread) in the wood oven or how the velvety Friday couscous is cooked in a very original way?

Also the preparation of a Tajine after Berber tradition, from the common purchase and/or harvesting up to the comfortable, traditional consumption on our sun-flooded roof terrace, is possible with us in small groups.

Have you ever heard of a Moroccan pizza? This is not to be confused with an Italian pizza. Because here beef or chicken, together with eggs and tasty Moroccan spices meet in freshly baked pita bread. They may also make these together with us in the wood-fired oven if they wish.

You have other ideas, wishes or questions? In true oriental style, there are “1001” ways to organize your trip. Feel free to write us an email with your ideas and wishes, we will contact you immediately and plan a tour together with you.

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